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Below is an overview of the services and solutions GAP Financial Services provides.

If at anytime while you are browsing through our services section you have a question related to any of our services, please don’t hesitate to call us at
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Initial Consultation
Ninety minutes of information gathering and individualized feedback with your counselor to assess your financial condition. [more info]


Financial options that can be discussed after or during an initial consultation:

Bankruptcy Alternative - “Voluntary Amortization of Debts” through Chapter 128.21  
Statute unique to Wisconsin giving you up to three years to repay your unsecured debt interest-free.  [more info]

Financial Wellness Counseling (after initial consultation):

    Spending Plan Development 
    Become organized and in control of your financial world. Receive a personalized, written spending plan and money tracking system. [more info]

    Rapid Debt Repayment  
    A plan showing when you will be out of debt and how much you can save in interest by using the Rapid Debt Repayment Plan. [more info]

    KEYS Manual
    The Keys Manual is a comprehensive tool that will provide you with the Knowledge needed to Enable You to Succeed.  This is a self study manual that covers six areas that affect your financial world.  [more info]

Learn essential money management skills and gain financial insights in this interactive seminar. [more info]

Additional Services  
Additional counseling sessions, credit bureau review, financial statements, or personalized communication or training services as requested.
[contact us for more info]

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