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Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Your consultation will be in our Green Bay office with a highly trained counselor that can analyze your financial situation and offer you solutions that will change your financial future. You can expect that your consultation will last about 90 minutes. During this consultation we will review your debts, income and household expenses.  Everyone’s situation is unique, so as our counselor discusses options with you, she will provide you with the pros and cons of those options so that you are able to make well informed decisions.

If you have a copy of your credit bureau report and would like it explained to you, bring it along.  At the end of your appointment a written budget analysis will be given to you.  Your personalized analysis will outline where you are spending your money and how your spending, compares to the national guidelines.

Things to bring with you to your appointment:

  • A recent paycheck stub.
  • Statements and/or payment books for all of the bills you owe. If you are interested in the Chapter 128.21, we require the original statements before you file your action. If you want copies of your statements for your records, please copy them before your consultation.
  • Copies of legal actions such as Judgments, Garnishments, and Repossessions.
  • Balances and account numbers for any bills for which you do not have statement or payment books.
  • Knowledge of how much you spend on the following: rent, utilities, groceries, entertainment, clothing, gifts, insurance, child care, medical expenses, utilities, etc.  If you have to spend money on it, we are going to discuss it.  You may print off forms that will assist you in gathering your budget information.

Cost: $50.00 (payable at time of appointment)

No personal checks are accepted. For security reasons, money orders are preferred over cash.

If you are interested in documenting your monthly expenses prior to your appointment, you may use the .PDF documents that have been made available for you.  There is a form to document your expenses and an Expense Guideline that will assist you in determining these amounts.  It is not required that you have the Expense form completed at the time of consultation; however, we will be gathering this information from you.  If you have had an opportunity to at least view these forms, you may find that the figures that you provide to us during the consultation will be more accurate.  The accuracy of the analysis that we will provide to you is determined by the accuracy of the information that you provide to us.

pdficon_small0202  Expense Guideline.pdf
pdficon_small020204  Monthly Expenses.pdf

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