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Spending Plan Development

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Personalized Spending Plan
A spending plan, allows you through planning, to relieve stress about how and when you are going to pay for everyday needs. It also allows you the freedom to spend, without guilt, the money that you set aside for a specific item or occasion.  Another word for spending plan is budget. Sometimes people have negative feelings about budgets and think that they are constricting.  Many people have partial budgets that may cover the major bills but do not cover all of the living expenses.  For a budget to become a spending plan, you must be aware of every thing that you spend money on.  This allows you to account for where your money is going. It also allows you to be in charge of your money, instead of your money being in charge of you!  Ultimately, that brings freedom and peace to your financial world.

Who Needs a Spending Plan?
Everyone needs a spending plan.  It doesn’t matter if you have more money than you know what to do with or if you are wondering how you are going to pay the next utility bill. Many times it is not the big items that throw off our budgets, but the little ones. Spending $3.00 a day on fast food or coffee can quickly add up to $90.00 per month.  Not that fast food or coffee is bad but if you are wondering why you don’t have enough money to pay your bills or why you are not saving, look to the little things first. You may find that you have more control over your finances that you think.

How can GAP Financial Services Help?
When you meet with Meg Hemery, our counselor, she will help you to uncover all of the hidden expenses that you have.  She will help you convert those expenses into a monthly figure.  Ultimately, she will show you how your money is being spent by category, percentage and how it compares to a national average. These are tools to help you decide if you want to make changes that will affect your spending plan.  Meg will also work with you to place these figures on to a monthly planner so that you will know exactly what you have to do with each pay check as it comes in.  Since everyone’s situation is unique, your spending plan will be customized exactly for you.  In addition you will be given tips that will help you stay on track. Remember, a spending plan is exactly that, a plan.  A budget is nothing more than a pretty piece of paper unless you make it a part of your daily lifestyle. Our goal is to help you integrate your spending plan into your lifestyle.


Cost:  $35.00 per hour after the initial consultation (billable in ¼ hours). For most people the entire spending plan can be accomplished for less than $100.00 (including the initial consultation).

Our intent is to make you self sufficient and comfortable with your spending plan.  Many people have found that continuous follow up appointments are not necessary; however, we are happy to meet with you by phone or in person until you become totally comfortable with your spending plan.

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